Limitation of this method is that you can only add at maximum of 100 members per month (Maximum tasks for Free Zapier Account). Please use viaSocket to increase maximum member to 3,000 In this tutorial I will guide you to collect users’ email from Caldera Forms and add them to Mail Chimp Subscriber List.

The Work Flow of this method is using Zapier to make a webhook to receive data from Caldera Forms, then submit those data to Mailchimp.

Making a Zapier Task

Firstly, you need to create a Zapier Task (a Zap). Every Zap need at least 1 Trigger and 1 Action.

1/ Set up Webhooks Trigger

You need to pick Webhooks is your Trigger with Catch Hooks Trigger to receive data from Caldera Forms, catch that data (email address) before using later.

How to add Email from Caldera Forms to MailChimp Free

After press Continue, you will have a custom webhook URL, something like this

In order to use this webhook to send request, we will add a GET parameter, the working URL will be like this one

By now, you can check your URL by copy and enter in browser:

The result would be like this

{"status": "success", "attempt": "5d12411f-afcb-43b8-a02e-dad237ca02e0", "id": "41e348f3-1230-4220-a17f-13e0117h37d5", "request_id": "5d00465f-ascb-43b8-a02e-dad237ca02e0"}

We will move to Action Step.

2/ Set up Mail Chimp Action

Pick your Zapier’s Action is Mail Chimp – Choose Add/ Update Subscriber Action (there are many other actions for MailChimp)

How to collect email from Caldera Forms to MailChimp Free

Then, select your MailChimp Account, pick your subscriber list, select Catch Hook (from step 1/) in Subscriber Email field

Using Zapier to add user to MailChimp list

Press Continue, we are done with Zapier part.

Trigger Webhook from Caldera Forms

In order to send data to Zapier, we need to trigger this webhook after user press submit on our contact form

Email will be replaced by actual email from users.

1/ Create a form to collect email from users

This is an easy part, just make a form with 2 fields:

  • Email field – Check this field’s ID, something like: fld_9099843
  • Submit Button

2/ Trigger Webhook after form submitted

In order to trigger webhook, we use an event from Caldera Forms cf.form.submit

This event will trigger any script after 1 Caldera Forms is submitted. This is complete code snippet.


// Use jQuery via $j(...)
  $j(document).on( 'cf.form.submit', function () {
    var $emailClient = $j("#fld_9099843_1").val(); 
    var $url = "";
    var $urlFull = $url + $emailClient;  

    var sendEmail = {
      "async": false,
      "crossDomain": true,
      "url": $urlFull,
      "method": "GET",
      "headers": {}
    $j.ajax(sendEmail).done(function (response) {

    //end of submit trigger
//end of ready  

I hope you can follow my tutorial, if you could not do on your own, consider to contact me.

Have a nice day!

P.S: The alternative method is  viaSocket, with Free account you can call API 5,000 times.




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