This post contains affiliate links Cold TurkeyI’ve been trying many tools in order to limit my time on Internet to increase my working productivity. After many years, I found this powerful software – Cold Turkey – The toughest, the best Website Blocker on the Internet.

Once installed, you cannot exit blocking mode in any way, no way to cheat anymore (uninstall, reset computer…).

Cold Turkey Main Features

  • When you start a block, there’s no turning back, absolutely NO.
  • More than just a website blocker – You can block applications (Slack, WhatsApp…), your Internet or your whole computer.

How to Use Cold Turkey

Set up Block Lists

Before using Cold Turkey, you need to set Block List. Block list could be websites and Windows Programs you want to avoid during your working time. Lists could be imported, exported easily.

  • Free version – Can Block any Website by URL like,*…
  • Pro version – You can Block Windows Programs, Apps…

Cold Turkey - Blacklist

After having Block Lists, you can block websites – programs in 2 ways: By Schedule or Manually Block

Block by Schedule

This is Pro feature of Cold TurkeyThis is my schedule, I am a full-time Engineer and Part-Time WordPress Freelancer, working from Monday – Friday and coding every night and weekend. I want to avoid distraction from social networks such as Facebook in my working time (8:00 – 17:00), avoid staying up late by block all (*.*) from 12:00 AM – 5:00 AM

Cold Turkey - Block on Schedule

Block by Manual Block

If you don’t like being blocked by schedule, you can easily select by hand. E.g: you need 2 times to focus on your current task, then choose to Block List (Social Network…) to be blocked in next 2 hours.

Cold Turkey Manual Block

When started, blocks will automatically affect all supported browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Brave and Vivaldi (for Windows and macOS). No way to exit blocking mode, focus on your study and your job!


My name is Giang, a Vietnamese guy living in Thanh Hoa City, Vietnam. I am a WordPress Developer, learning to master WordPress and Laravel PHP Framework.

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