Contact me if you need to build a complex form with complex functions by using Caldera Forms (Create new user, send SMS to user, capture user's signature, email validation, delete user, delete post...)In this tutorial I will guide you how to make a custom email validation processor for Caldera Forms which could prevent users from entering some email providers. I will build a tiny plugin for this purpose.

Two email providers I will use in this demo is and

I/ Making a demo form for testing

In order to demonstrate the function of this plugin, I will make a form as below, you can try to enter to check.

  • Email field with Slug = client_email, this field is required.
  • Submit button

II/ Coding the plugin

There are only 2 main files: cf-email-validator.php and config.php. Following this tutorial, this is the code:

  • Change line 108, 109 for your email providers which you want to block
  • Change line 81 for error message ‘We dont accept –’…
  1. cf-email-validator.php

 * The plugin bootstrap file
 * This file is read by WordPress to generate the plugin information in the plugin
 * admin area. This file also includes all of the dependencies used by the plugin,
 * registers the activation and deactivation functions, and defines a function
 * that starts the plugin.
 * @link    
 * @since             1.0.0
 * @package           Cf_Email_Validator
 * @wordpress-plugin
 * Plugin Name:       Caldera Forms Email Validator
 * Plugin URI:
 * Description:       This tiny plugin adds 1 processor for Caldera Forms which could block some email providers.
 * Version:           1.0.0
 * Author:            GiangLe.DEV
 * Author URI:
 * License:           GPL-2.0+
 * License URI:
 * Text Domain:       cf-email-validator
 * Domain Path:       /languages
add_filter('caldera_forms_get_form_processors', 'block_email_cf_validator_processor');

 * Add a custom processor for field validation
 * @uses 'block_email_cf_validator_processor'
 * @param array $processors Processor configs
 * @return array
function block_email_cf_validator_processor($processors){
    $processors['block_email_cf_validator'] = array(
        'name' => __('Block Email Providers', 'GiangLe.DEV'),
        'description' => 'Block some unwanted email providers - GiangLe.DEV',
        'pre_processor' => 'block_email_validator',
        'template' => dirname(__FILE__) . '/config.php'


    return $processors;

 * Run field validation
 * @param array $config Processor config
 * @param array $form Form config
 * @return array|void Error array if needed, else void.
function block_email_validator( array $config, array $form ){

    //Processor data object
    $data = new Caldera_Forms_Processor_Get_Data( $config, $form, block_email_cf_validator_fields() );

    //Value of field to be validated
    $value = $data->get_value( 'client_email' );

    //if not valid, return an error
    if( false == block_email_cf_validator_is_valid( $value ) ){

        //get ID of field to put error on
        $fields = $data->get_fields();
        $field_id = $fields[ 'client_email' ][ 'config_field' ];

        //Get label of field to use in error message above form
        $field = $form[ 'fields' ][ $field_id ];
        $label = $field[ 'label' ];

        //this is error data to send back
        return array(
            'type' => 'error',
            //this message will be shown above form
            'note' => sprintf( 'Please Re-Correct %s. We dont accept -', $label),
            //Add error messages for any form field
            'fields' => array(
                //This error message will be shown below the field that we are validating
                $field_id => __( 'This field is invalid', 'client_email' )

    //If everything is good, don't return anything!


 * Check if value is valid
 * UPDATE THIS! Use your array of values, or query the database here.
 * @return bool

function block_email_cf_validator_is_valid( $value ){
  $email_extract = explode('@',$value);
  $email_check = $email_extract[1];
    return !in_array( $email_check, array(
    ) );

 * Processor fields
 * @return array
function block_email_cf_validator_fields(){
    return array(
            'id' => 'client_email',
            'type' => 'email',
            'required' => true,
            'magic' => true,
            'label' => __( 'Magic tag for field to validate.', 'client_email' )

2. config.php

echo Caldera_Forms_Processor_UI::config_fields( block_email_cf_validator_fields() );

III/ Plugin Download

Download Plugin and activate: Caldera Forms Email Validator v1.0

IV/ Adding Form Processor

How to Block Email Providers Caldera Forms 1

After downloading and activating the plugin, there is one more processor in your form processors. Pick that processor and set magic tag to %client_email%. The processor will check that field as validating.

How to Block Email Providers Caldera Forms 2

That’s it! Good luck! 🙂



My name is Giang, a Vietnamese guy living in Thanh Hoa City, Vietnam. I am a WordPress Developer, learning to master WordPress and Laravel PHP Framework.

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