Contact me if you need to build a complex form with complex functions by using Caldera Forms (Create new user, send SMS to user, capture user's signature, email validation, delete user, delete post...)

In this tutorial I will show you how to capture User’s Signature with Caldera Forms.

In order to capture signature we can use ZGordon’s Caldera Forms Signature Field Add-on. After installing this plugin, you will see this a strange plugin in your plugin list as below. It’s ZGordon’s little guy truly.

Pasted into How to capture signature via Caldera Forms

If you want to change Author, Version…you can go to plugin’s folder and change this text in this file, I am too lazy to change…!

How to capture signature via Caldera Forms

Form now on, you have a Signature Field, use this where you want to capture users’ signature

This seems an incomplete plugin, but it worked anyway

Capture Signature Caldera Forms

Demo Signature Form

Draft for future me!

Just a quick thought for another solution, someone or future me could develop from this solution:

We can use a jQuery library to capture a Canvas field and use Run Action to insert into file upload field or a text field (base64 text)



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